On this day, June 25th, the International Day of the Seafarer, we join ICMA General Secretary Jason Zuidema in thanking Seafarers for their vital service to the worlds supply lines, making life as we know it and are accustomed to possible.
However, this year, saying thank you is not enough. Seafarers are still disproportionally suffering from the chaotic circumstances that the Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed upon the world.
It is time now that industry and gouvernments come together to solve the ever growing and ever pressing problem of limited crew changes and limited worldwide movement of seafarers.
Seafarers are not props, they are not robots who control ships. They are humans who are suffering the real consequences of being confined to their workplace for too long, and being separated from their loved ones for an unimaginable amount of time.
So, from the Flying Angel Club in Vlissingen, our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all men and women who are serving as seafarers. We keep you all in our prayers and shall not cease to advocate your story and your interests.

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