Easter Greetings from the Flying Angel Club

The Flying Angel Club remais closed until at least the end of april. Nevertheess, we could provide seafarers in our port with a little present and some light conversation.

To all seafarers, we would like to express our gratitude and thank you for the pride and joy that you are showing in fulfilling your duties, even in these difficult times.

We are thinking of you!

Have a blessed Easter, stay safe and God bless!

Rev. Pascal Handschin, Port Chaplain

The Flying Angel Club remains closed until the 31st of march 2020

Dear Seafarers, dear guests

We had to take the difficult decision to suspend our activities for the welfare of seafarers in the port of Vlissingen until at least the end of this month. In doing so, we are following several guidelines from the Dutch government with regards to the mitigation of the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic in the Netherlands.

Our club is a place where a lot of people from a lot of places meet. Therefore it is a place which offers good conditions for a virus to spread, especially a highly contagious one. In taking this drastic measure to close the club altogether, we are taking our responsibility in the fight against the epidemic.

Additionally, ship visiting activities will also be suspended durind said period. This measure is taken mainly to protect crews from contamination with the virus.

It is a difficult and testing period for all of us, especially because we are fully aware that we have to abandon you in a sense. As soon the situation gets better we will be back on track, serving you. In the meantime we will increase the monitoring of our facebook page. If you need to contact the chaplain as a matter of urgency, please leave a message there.



God bless you all. Stay safe and healthy.

On behalf of the committee, staff and volunteers of the Flying Angel Club Vlissingen.

Rev. Pascal Handschin

Port Chaplain